My eleven month old great-niece recently learned how to independently drink from a tippee cup. The first time she was successful she was given lots of praise and applause. For the next ten minutes, she repeatedly took sips of water from her tippee cup, each time turning to her parents for their approval. Even though she doesn’t have the language skills to know what her parents were saying to her, their tone of voice, smiling faces and clapping hands all told her how well she was doing and she wanted to repeat the newly learned skill. It just goes to show that we all like to be noticed and have our efforts recognised. Genuine praise really does work wonders in raising self-esteem and boosting confidence.

The Good2Learn platform is designed to promote the essential life skill of independent learning, and it has built in rewards to help keep children motivated. However, it remains important to take an interest in, and praise them for, their work. because all our children really want from us is our time, love and approval. Stroppy teenagers may roll their eyes at you when you give them praise but deep down they really do appreciate that you have taken the time to see what they are doing and to recognise it.  

Good2Learn gives you the information you need, to know which lessons your child has been watching and how well they are doing with the exercises. Praise them for the time spent studying; for their resilience in re-watching a lesson; for improving their score in a quiz; and anything else you can think of. And, if you see that your child is struggling with a particular concept, offer to sit down and watch the lesson with them, modelling how to pause a lesson to think through what has been taught up to that point. Get them to explain it to you!  Teaching something to someone else really helps a child’s learning and teaching your parents is a real boost.  Then leave them to try a quiz. But be sure to check in to see how they did and praise them for keeping at it and for any improvement.

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