Growing up, my family lived behind and above our family newsagents. One room and a kitchen downstairs didn’t allow much room for a place for homework. In any case, my parents could be found serving in the shop from 5.30am until 11 at night so, as a young girl, I did my homework sitting at the only clear counter space next to the till in the shop. It meant that my parents were on hand to help me if needed but it wasn’t the best place to practise my new reading, spelling and maths skills. But sometimes you have to make the best of what you’ve got!

Where your children do their homework depends on both the space you have available and the place that enables each child to produce their best homework. Talk to your children about how they think they learn best; is it in a quiet space with no distractions or do they prefer a bit of background noise?  Having had to do my homework to the sounds of customers talking, the jingle of coins and the clatter of the till, I craved a quiet space. Both my sons, however, disliked working in silence and seemed to do their best work with music playing in the background. It just goes to show that we are all different.

Whether it is a space at the dining or kitchen table, a space on the floor or a desk in the bedroom, children need a clear workspace where they can spread their work out and  a box or desk tidy containing all the equipment they are likely to need to complete any homework on any subject. If part of their homework is watching a lesson and completing a quiz on the Good2Learn platform,  they will also need access to a computer, laptop or mobile phone.


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