In this, our final blog in our Quality of Education series, we are looking at curriculum impact. Integral to the idea of curriculum impact is this question: “Have students learned what the school set out to teach them and has this prepared them for future success in education, employment or training, and life in general?”

If, like the lessons on Good2Learn, the curriculum intent is based on a clear understanding of what pupils should know by certain points in their lives, and implementation of the curriculum is embedded in high quality teaching based on proven principles and strategies, then, all things being equal, students will have the required skills, knowledge and understanding to be equipped for the next step in their education, training or employment.

But there has to be a way to evidence that students have learned and retained those skills and pieces of knowledge, with understanding of how they link to earlier learning and the means to understand how they will be able to use their skills and knowledge in their future learning. And, of course, that means assessment.

At Good2Learn we understand the importance of assessment evidence, which is why every lesson is followed by a quiz containing ten randomly selected questions designed to allow students to show how much they have learned and retained from the lesson. Feedback from the quiz enables the student to identify their own strengths and areas for development, and success is celebrated through awards and certificates.

Of course, if taken straight after watching the lesson, the quiz provides information on short term learning and retention, which is why we always encourage students to revisit the quizzes after a week or two, and then again every month or so, to ensure that the learning is retained over time and becomes securely embedded in the long term memory. And, because the quiz questionsare randomly selected from a bank of questions, students will never get the same quiz twice.

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